Hi, my name is Lienke (1990). I’m an Amsterdam based designer and illustrator. I always had an interest in many kinds of visual arts, and I’ve loved creating illustrations my entire life now. I started painting and drawing since the moment I first got a hold of a pencil, and have been developing that all my life. I studied Communication and Multimedia Design, where my interest in digital illustration and graphic design began. I did a Minor in Brand Management and Design. Then I did my Graduation project on dynamic identities. I graduated cum laude in June 2012.

After working at an digital creative agency for about 1,5 year, where I focused on app- and webdesign and social media, I decided to follow my heart and focus more on illustration and visualization.

That’s why I started working as an illustrator and designer at in60seconds and as a visual consultant at her daughter company Getting the picture, both in an awesome office on the Keizersgracht Amsterdam. There I focus on translating complex information into simple and structured visuals. This can be storyboarding, visual designing (also for animation) but I give visual workshops and do live drawing sessions too.

I’m combining this job with my freelance job as an illustrator. There I prefer to work with paint markers on paper, skateboards, furniture and walls (murals). If you are interested in my work, please let me know! Do notice that I have a full time job so I have limited time but I love creating awesome stuff so please let me know if I can help (I only pick the nicest projects ;-) ).

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Thank you for visiting!